Why choose a Twilight Funeral Plan?

• Peace of mind

• Rising funeral costs

• Personal choice

• Comprehensive range

• Security

• Quality of service

• Affordability Tailor made to suit your budget

• Flexibility

• Friendly professional service

• You and your family in mind, all the time.

The Pearl Plan

Our Pearl plan is ideal for those who want a relatively simple funeral, but one that gives loved ones the reassurance of a traditional, dignified, ceremony, with no compromise on the level of care and attention provided.

The Sapphire Plan

Our Sapphire funeral plan is the most popular in our range. It features all the same elements as the Pearl, but also provides a limousine to transport your loved ones to the ceremony

A very popular choice with our customers

The Ruby Plan

Our Ruby funeral plan is our most comprehensive package. With its additional provision of an oak-effect veneered coffin, and two following limousines, it is particularly suited to those with large families, or who favour the idea of a more lavish farewell.

The Simplest Plan

Covering all the ‘simplest’ aspects of a cremation funeral, this plan is designed to help those whose budget is limited secure a quality farewell that minimises the further expenses that those left behind will be required to pay.

Plus, we have other options and more
comprehensive plans available on request
tailor-made to suit your budget and
circumstances. Please ask for details