Direct Cremation Plan

The Direct Cremation plan is the most basic, therefore most affordable of all our funeral plan options. Here at Twilight Plans we understand that not everyone wants an extravagant or elaborate funeral. To many, there seems little sense in spending heavily on what will be their final journey. In response to this Twilight Plans offer an extremely pared-down funeral plan that covers the most simple funeral elements, as listed below.

What's included in the Direct Cremation Funeral Plan?

  • Collection of the deceased (from anywhere in the UK at no additional cost)

  • A simple coffin with nameplate

  • Storage of the deceased at a Chapel of Rest, pending cremation

  • Transport of the deceased to the crematorium 

  • Cremation fees

  • Doctor's fees

  • Return of ashes to designated individual

What are the limitations of the Direct Cremation option?

  • There is no service for loved ones to attend / pay their final respects

  • There is no chapel of rest viewing

  • The funeral directors, and the crematorium used, may not necessarily be local and our chosen at the sole discretion of SHFP

  • Cremation only (Cannot be adapted for burial

Price £1895 (Fixed price*)

*The direct cremation plan is a fixed priced plan, and guarantees that they will be nothing further for the plan holders representatives to pay towards any of the services provided in the plan specifications detailed above.  click here.

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